About us

Downtown is a bed & breakfast located in the center of Salerno near the Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Very central, but in an area with access to cars that can park comfortably in the underlying discounted garage. All the rooms have a view of the city and in particular of the arches of the ancient medieval aqueduct that have seen the city grow around it over the centuries.

The Salernitano seafront is about 400 meters away and from some rooms you can enjoy a suggestive view of Via Velia and the sea in the background. The Downtown Bed & Breakfast is located in a stately building adjacent to the ancient medieval aqueduct that the people of Salerno call the arches of the devil following a legendary history of alchemy.
Legend has it that the alchemist Piero Barliario, considered a true sorcerer at the time and a great connoisseur of chemistry and the transformation of matter, built the aqueduct thanks to the help of the devil in just one night thus giving the people of Salerno the possibility of be supplied with water. The legend of the 'arcs of the devil', demonized by the populace also impressed by the strange ogival arches never seen before, has been handed down from Salerno to Salerno and above all to the little ones it is said that if you find yourself under the cursed arches in the hours of dawn or of the sunset it is possible to see you devils dancing and evil spirits. Even when Salerno suffered the bombing during the last world war, the only construction that did not yield under the bombs was precisely the aqueduct, just as it did not yield during the famous earthquake of 1980: the 'bridge re riaule' remained erect without ever giving any sign of abating ... that it was really the Devil who built it?